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    Terror on Sky | - Flight diverted after woman discovers her husband is cheating on her.

    A Qatar Airways flight had to make an emergency landing after a female passenger found out her husband was cheating on her mid-flight, reports the Hindustan Times.

    The unidentified Iranian woman reportedly used her husband’s fingerprint to unlock his phone while he was asleep, before becoming incensed by what she found on the device.

    Flight attendants were unable to calm the woman as she repeatedly hit her husband, causing the pilots to make the decision to make an emergency landing in India on 5 November.

    The plane headed to Bali had to make an emergency landing after a woman went ballistic and started fighting her husband over his alleged affair.

    According to India's Hindustan Times, the Iranian woman was traveling with her husband and child on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha, Qatar to Indonesia on Sunday when she discovered that her husband was cheating.

    • AnonHaT

        Cheating husbands beware of taking a snap on flight while accompanying your wife. I am LMAO..... poor dude! Apple should develop finger print authentication avoiding resting heartbeat.

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