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      101 East goes inside this sprawling Brothel of Bangladesh's - 101 East

      DOCUMENTARY - Bangladesh's Biggest Brothel - 101 East The biggest brothel in Bangladesh - and possibly the world. The town of Daulatdia is home to 1,500 prostitutes, some as young as 10 years old. In a ramshackle maze of dirty alleyways, women and girls work day and night in tiny ...

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        SHOCKING SECRETS | - Muammar Gaddafis - Documentary!

        Under Qaddafi’s rule, Libya attained the highest standard of living in Africa, it was the only debt free country in Africa, He raised the literacy rate from 20% to 83%, he built one of the finest free health care systems in the third world, therefore raising the life expectancy from 44 to 7...

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          Semantics - The Rise and Fall of Muammar al Gaddafi

          'Semantics - The Rise and Fall of Muammar al Gathafi' is a non-commercial documentary compilation of footage, news articles and speeches about Libya under Colonel Gaddafi and the 'Green Revolution' compiled and with narrative by Critical Productions. This documentary is not pro...

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            State of Alert [FEATURED VIDEO STORY ON TFB] Operation Back Light Israel style

            Back Light: State of Alert: Israel style. ‘When it comes to security, Europe is still in a state of denial’ – (Michal Marmary, Homeland Security Tel Aviv) Recent suicide attacks in Paris, Brussels, Nice and Berlin have greatly increased focus on civilian safety ...

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