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        5 Neck Exercises for Arthritis

        Setting your neck straight   We put a lot of impact on our joints over the years. Eventually they start to show the signs of wear and tear. With age, arthritis can cause the joints in our knees, hands, wrists, and feet to become stiff and sore. Arthritis also affects the vertebrae...

        Tags: 5 Neck Exercises for Arthritis, Health, Healthline, Med, Arthritis, Neck Exercises, Pain

      • MyHoTFB.COM

          Feeling bloated and need to detox? If Juice Cleanse Ads Were Honest (Detox, Master Cleanse)

          Feeling bloated and need to detox? Well, drinking salad in liquid form will absolutely not help you at all, but boy will you feel Hashtag-virtuous when you share pictures of yourself with our beautiful juice cleanse bottles all across social media. Enjoy the rejuvenating experience of borderline ...

          Tags: Detox, Master Cleanse, If Juice Cleanse Ads Were Honest, Lifestyle, Health, Med, Vlog, educational

        • News Desk

            Microsoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies announce partnership using AI to decode immune system; diagnose, treat disease

            The human immune system is an astonishing diagnostic system, continuously adapting itself to detect any signal of disease in the body. Essentially, the state of the immune system tells a story about virtually everything affecting a person’s health. It may sound like science fiction, but...

            Tags: AI, biotechnology, Health, Machine Learning, Microsoft

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