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      Iran & Saudi Arabia saber-rattling: Who would prevail in all-out war?

      Tensions between Saudi Arabia and regional nemesis Iran are even higher than usual, with Riyadh targeting Tehran ally Hezbollah. If an actual military conflict between the two breaks out, who would have the best chance at prevailing? The regional confrontation between the two nations sep...

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        RT NEWS VIDEO: Will cold war between Saudi Arabia & Iran become a full-scale military conflict?

        Thousands of people in Yemen have lined the capital's streets in protest against the Saudi-led blockade of the country. The civil war in Yemen is seen by Middle East experts as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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          INTERNATIONAL NEWS |- Israel ready to share intelligence on Iran with Saudi Arabia – IDF chief

            The chief of staff of Israel's military (IDF) told Saudi Arabia's Alaf newspaper in an unprecedented interview that his country is ready to share intelligence on Iran with Riyadh. "With [US] President Donald Trump, there is an opportunity for a new international alliance...

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            'Israel shouldn't go to war with Lebanon, as we will surely win' – Lebanese FM

            Lebanon has capabilities to counter “any threat," but only wants peace and stability in the region, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has told RT in an interview. He warned that any potential aggressor state would suffer consequences, which could reach as far as Europe. The Middl...

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              Warm embrace: Assad in surprise Putin meeting ahead of Moscow’s talks with Turkey, Iran

              Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) welcomes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during a meeting in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia November 20, 2017. © Mikhail Klimentyev / Sputnik Syria's Bashar Assad made a surprise visit to Russia to express thanks for Moscow&rsq...

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                Iranian warships to head for Gulf of Mexico

                The Iranian Navy will soon be sending a force to visit Latin America and the Gulf of Mexico, a newly-appointed naval commander has said. The move will be a demonstration of the country’s ability to project power far beyond its shores. In his first press conference in Tehran since b...

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                  Saudi Arabia 'intercepts another Houthi missile'

                  Saudi Arabia says that it has intercepted a second missile fired towards the country by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Royal Air Force spokesman Colonel Turki al-Maliki, who spoke to the Saudi Press Agency, said the missile was likely headed to the Saudi city of Khamis Mushait, b...

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                    Rouhani: Saudi tensions with Iran 'to cover up defeats'

                    Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has accused Saudi Arabia of stoking tensions with his country to distract from its own problems. In an interview with Iranian television on Tuesday, the Iranian leader said his country's relations had improved with neighboring states, ...

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                      Iran 1979: Legacy of a Revolution - Featured Documentary

                      Thirty years after the founding of the Islamic republic, the ideals that inspired the uprising continue to inform every day life in modern Iran. So how has the revolution managed to sustain itself through war, international isolation, economic sanctions, and regional turbulence? And how has Irani...

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