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        Facts About Microsoft

        About Microsoft Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft refers to Microsoft Corp. and...

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          Microsoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies announce partnership using AI to decode immune system; diagnose, treat disease

          The human immune system is an astonishing diagnostic system, continuously adapting itself to detect any signal of disease in the body. Essentially, the state of the immune system tells a story about virtually everything affecting a person’s health. It may sound like science fiction, but...

          Tags: AI, biotechnology, Health, Machine Learning, Microsoft

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            HoloLens experience provides unique look at one of Ford’s most iconic cars

            It’s one of the most enduring legends in race car history. After a business relationship between auto titans Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari soured in the early 1960s, Ford set a single-minded goal — to create a car that would beat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the worl...

            Tags: HoloLens experience, Ford’s most iconic cars, Microsoft

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              On the soccer pitch and in the classroom, feminism flourishes in rural India

              He had a pedigreed education and a corporate job overseas that he wanted to use for good. But while trudging in suit and tie through another 110-degree Delhi day, Franz Gastler had an epiphany that would end up lifting first his own life, then thousands more. “I had hoped to alleviate po...

              Tags: India, Microsoft, On the soccer pitch and in the classroom, feminism flourishes in rural India

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                What’s the solution to the growing problem of passwords? You, says Microsoft

                Quick: Change your password again. Make sure it has a combination of capital letters, numbers and special characters. Wait, no. Instead, come up with a long random phrase that you should be able to remember. Wait, no. Stop. Stop the madness! It’s time to kill the password. This relic fro...

                Tags: password-less world, microsoft, What’s the solution to the growing problem of passwords

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