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      Twitter Turns Red: Russian Revolution Grand Finale on #1917LIVE

      Published on Oct 24, 2017 by RT

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        RT NEWS VIDEO: Will cold war between Saudi Arabia & Iran become a full-scale military conflict?

        Thousands of people in Yemen have lined the capital's streets in protest against the Saudi-led blockade of the country. The civil war in Yemen is seen by Middle East experts as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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          RT News Cast |- Los Angeles Has a Worse Lead Poisoning Problem than Flint

          Mike is joined by Farron Cousins, Executive Editor of The Trial Lawyer Magazine, to discuss a concerning Reuters report about lead exposure in Los Angeles..

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            Someone in Russia sent some tweets, Theresa May warns the entire Western world may crumble

            Theresa May deployed two methods of distraction at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet speech in London: a flash of prime ministerial shoulder flesh in a racy, lacy ensemble, and Russia. She warned that Western democracy could soon crumble due to some tweets and Photoshop. UK Prime Minister T...

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              INTERNATIONAL NEWS |- Israel ready to share intelligence on Iran with Saudi Arabia – IDF chief

                The chief of staff of Israel's military (IDF) told Saudi Arabia's Alaf newspaper in an unprecedented interview that his country is ready to share intelligence on Iran with Riyadh. "With [US] President Donald Trump, there is an opportunity for a new international alliance...

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                'Israel shouldn't go to war with Lebanon, as we will surely win' – Lebanese FM

                Lebanon has capabilities to counter “any threat," but only wants peace and stability in the region, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has told RT in an interview. He warned that any potential aggressor state would suffer consequences, which could reach as far as Europe. The Middl...

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                  Staring at women's breasts most tolerated in Germany - survey

                  A survey, attempting to gauge what people from seven European countries consider to be acts of sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, has yielded some interesting results.   YouGov asked 8,490 men and women from Denmark, England, Finland, France,...

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                    A dramatic suicide in a ‘court’ of fake justice - | Op-Edge [Recommended]

                    After a war crimes tribunal rejected his appeal, a Bosnian Croat general drank poison and died. His last words resonate with many in the Balkans, who regard the court as a tool of US and NATO that has not fostered justice, but only made war wounds worse. On Wednesday, the International C...

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