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    • MyHoTFB.COM

        Iran & Saudi Arabia saber-rattling: Who would prevail in all-out war?

        Tensions between Saudi Arabia and regional nemesis Iran are even higher than usual, with Riyadh targeting Tehran ally Hezbollah. If an actual military conflict between the two breaks out, who would have the best chance at prevailing? The regional confrontation between the two nations sep...

        Tags: Middle East, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Hezbollah, Who would prevail in all-out war?, Iran & Saudi Arabia saber-rattling, RT.com

      • News Desk

          Op-Edge | - Macron foray into Middle East debacle smacks of Blair ‘peace envoy’ failure: “I’ll have a think about it.”

          Martin Jay is an award winning British journalist now based in Beirut who works on a freelance basis for a number of respected British newspapers as well as previously Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle TV. Before Lebanon, he has worked in Africa and Europe for CNN, Euronews, CNBC, BBC, Sunday T...

          Tags: Yemen, France, French President Emmanuel Macron, Op-Edge, Hariri scandal, Middle East, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, “I’ll have a think about it.”

        • News Desk

            Saudi Arabia 'intercepts another Houthi missile'

            Saudi Arabia says that it has intercepted a second missile fired towards the country by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Royal Air Force spokesman Colonel Turki al-Maliki, who spoke to the Saudi Press Agency, said the missile was likely headed to the Saudi city of Khamis Mushait, b...

            Tags: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Middle East, Proxy War, Houthi

          • News Desk

              Rouhani: Saudi tensions with Iran 'to cover up defeats'

              Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has accused Saudi Arabia of stoking tensions with his country to distract from its own problems. In an interview with Iranian television on Tuesday, the Iranian leader said his country's relations had improved with neighboring states, ...

              Tags: Hassan Rouhani, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Arab states, Yemen

            • News Desk

                Yemen: Saudi-led coalition bombs Sanaa International Airport

                Rubble and debris could be seen in parts of Sanaa International Airport on Monday, following Saudi-led coalition airstrikes on the Yemeni capital. Footage from the site shows heavily damaged and partly collapsed buildings, as well as debris inside the presidential lounge of the airport.

                Tags: Yemen, Saudi, Middle East, Sanaa International Airport

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