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Welcome to the Information Center. You can send any queries through our contact portal and we will forward your queries to the concerned department for prompt intimation by return email, mobile call, or using Whats up, Viber, Skipe, IMO and other similarly types of communication app. So, please do include information on how to best reach you.

If you have security issues or any security questions, please directly contact security@myhotfb.com and then visit the Security Center Online Group where you will find Threat Matrix, Scam Alerts, Common FAQs, Expert Q&A, Security & Safety Resources, and Solutions to various security issues. 

If you require Support, please directly email support@myhotfb.com and visit the Help Center Online Group for support related resources. We strongly advise to checkout our knowledge driven FAQ Modules, Expert Q&A, Support Related Discussions. You can also open a Support Ticket, Request a Feature, or Report a Bug.


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