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[ Plan Flexi 1 ]: 200 x 200 Size Adverts

imageFor only Tk. 1000 (One Thousand Taka) a Year, the 200 x 200 Size Advert will load randomized manner per page user click. [ Plan Flexi 1 ]: 200 x 200 Size Adverts has limited slots. At the present the maximum slot for [ Plan Flexi 1 ]: 200 x 200 Size Adverts are 15, and 5 Slots have already been taken. If you have missed this plan, you can place a back to back order for next year by emailing Subject: [ Plan Flexi ]: 200 x 200 Size Adverts - Back to Back Order. 

Per customer can place a maximum of two adverts under this plan.


[ Plan Localized Adverts ] :

This is targeted localized adverts. Your advert can target Blogs, News, Pages, Bookmarks, Files, Photo Albums, Polls, Questions, Videos, and Events in various sizes. Please contact Subject: [ Plan Localized Adverts ] : "Target Category / Categories" (examples: Blogs, Videos) for details. 

[Traffic Exchange Adverts ]:

As the name suggests this is basically a free Traffic Exchange Adverts. You can place a Traffic Exchange Adverts on MyHoTFB.COM at a Size and Zone of your preference. Similarly, place our Traffic Exchange Adverts on your site at the same size and preferred zone. 

Last Updated: 09-10-2018




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