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Further to ToS (Terms of Services), MyHoTFB.COM ®, has decided on following Policy Updates, to subject to changes, and in events of such changes; subject matter will be reflected on this page. 


1. Update # 1A Issue Date: September 19, 2018

MyHoTFB.COM ® supports Anonymous Group and Anons around the globe. As a matter of Operational Policy, we hereby duly issue Update # 1A that affects Account Types: "Anonymous".

During registration with MyHoTFB.COM ®  if a user (Anon) selects Profile Type/ Account Type as "Anonymous" and chooses to Opt-out from providing a valid email account for reasons of remaining Anonymous and maintaining Anonymity; MyHoTFB.COM will automatically validate such accounts types. Please be advised that validation can take up to a 24 hours. 

Learn how to register an account as Anonymous by visiting FAQs on footer.

2. Update # 1A(S) Issue Date: September 19, 2018

As a matter of Operational Policy, we hereby issue Update # 1A(S) that affects Account Types: "Anonymous". Should there be evidences of Spams & Abuses by accounts registered under Update # 1A, the Anon user will be issued only one warning notice and asked to remove any contents qualified as Spam or refrain from further activities deemed as Abuse, and a second violation by the same Anon User will result in straight  deletion  of Account without any further warnings or notices. 

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