The Story Behind MyHoTFB.COM

MyHoTFB.COM ® was created out of feud with Social Networking Giant Facebook, Inc. ( and Around February of 2012, and months followed, Facebook repeatedly flagged Shad Mujib's registered and verified account with Facebook “unjustly”, and undertook “wrongful” account marginalization (limiting account functionality such i.e: Friend Request Suspension), Corporate Bullying, and Hacktivism ultimately leading to terminations of two accounts one registered under and the other through

According to Shad Mujib, the Facebook Trouble started in Steps . Having two Accounts through two separate verifiable email accounts was not a Facebook Policy Deviant nor was an issue. It is noteworthy to mention that at a much later time Facebook offered options to users to merge duplicate or multiple Accounts, but the policy was not a mandatory and nor did Shad Mujib went for Account Merger.

The first sign of trouble started when Facebook Suggested Friends to Me, and as Suggested by Facebook, I went on Adding Suggested Friends”.

For adding “Suggested” Friends, Facebook, flagged Shad and suspended friend request / add functionality for 15/30 days. According to him, Facebook had a user exchange program, where a friend of a user can send his/her friends and vice versa. Under this program, Shad whom had somewhat a big lists of friends, and friends acquired from Newspaper comments, and Social Engineering, got a proposal from one of his friends to exchange her friends for friends of Shad.

As a big list of user recommendation or referral went on, and lists of Friends started to grew, Facebook flagged Shad for the second time. "I am shocked and in disbelieve because I couldn’t possibly comprehend why would Facebook suggest me friends and slapped me for adding the suggested, and for the second time I get schooled by Facebook for a transaction that was completely valid and within the mutual agreement of two friends exchanging my friends for her friends.” added Shad.

This angered Shad Mujib and he made protest against Facebook and made some noise. During this period, Facebook Introduced Facebook Timeline. Shad forcefully and overtly made it clear that he didn't like the Timeline, and his comments and observations didn't go unnoticed by Facebook. One of Facebook's Executive got into an argument with Shad over Shad’s candid comments and his negative opinion on Facebook Timeline feature.

While updating his Facebook profile, Shad says " I added two books and liked both of them and got into trouble for the 3rd time for adding the last book. One of the book was about the Business Tycoon – Donald J. Trump, and the Second one was “My Appetite for Destruction: Sex & Drugs & Guns N' Roses” by Steven Adler (Author), Lawrence J. Spagnola (Author).”

Facebook flagged him again and this time for offense of "Self Harm" and "Community Violation". By then there was no romance left between Shad and Facebook. “ It is now clear to me that Facebook was out to get me, and humiliate me.” added Shad.

Shad posted a Audio | Video of Haward Stern, an American Radio and WNBC television Personality. In the video audio recording which was a live broadcast, Haward criticizes and makes fun of Facebook and heard sayings it's not Facebook, it is Face Booking.

The audio file is hereinafter posted

Facebook immediately flagged him. Shad protested loudly. He said " If someone can publish a book, and it's on Facebook's lists of Books, and if someone can broadcast why can’t I post about them. It is not up to Facebook what I choose to update, and contents I choose to post. Taking away this fundamental free speech right is an infringement of my basic rights ".

Lastly, in 2012 Facebook flagged Shad again for posting a Timeline Post - "Save a Life". The Post accompanied a raw uncut and unedited video of a young girl on Ventilator at United Hospitals, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shad asked his friends, and also made a passionate public plea via Facebook post for direct financial help to the Hospital. Facebook categorized the post as Spam, and it was the final blow was when Facebook suggested it is a Scam. Shad replaced his Profile Picture with with a Toon Avatar of an Angry Boy Peeing on Facebook Logo.

Soon after, the new profile photo update, Shad alleges that he was trolled and bullied by a large Group of individuals, and a mysterious RC Encrypted User Accounts stated to follow him, and accounts with threatening posts in Urdu or Farsi started to appear in Shad’s Facebook Feed.

Shad claims a Mysterious High Profile RC Encrypted User by the name Plato made a friend request, and he cautiously accepted the friend request, and had several exchanges with Plato.

Shad claimed Hacktivism on parts of Facebook started soon after Plato was added as Friend. Hackers picked some of Shad’s Friends from his Facebook Friend list and impersonated as Friends and started bullying and attacking.

Irritated, Shad went on offensive and posted offensive posted "Cat the Pussy or Pussy the Cat". During this period Shad claims his Mobile, and Desktop started acting funny. As a countermeasure, Shad started to remove all of his friends one by one to zeo in, but Plato remained. As Corporate Bullying and Hacktivism gained steam, Shad posted another video: “Facebook and CIA Connection and FB links with Cambridge AnalyticThe Video is hereinafter posted.

Concerned about his Personal Data stored on Mobile and Desktop, Shad briefly suspended his Facebook activities and retrieved to MySpace.COM. But, a large number of Hackers followed him on MySpace. Shad suspended his MySpace Account activities and got engaged in Microsoft’s Social Networking Site, where attacks by Hackers were foiled and blocked by Microsoft Security Team. Shad Added : “Considering chase from one network to another, I have realized that my email list has been infiltrated”.

He  joined Anonymous. Surrounded by a large number of Anonymous Friends, he went on posting inflammatory posts on Facebook.  He also joined Internet Defense League, and Dark Web Communities.

According to Shad, he made changes to his workstations, outfitted with Flash Drive OS, added hardware and software Security. Reorganized he kept on his Facebook activities. He opened few more Anonymous Accounts of some are still active on Facebook as of today.

Anonymous Posts, Red Alerts, Anonymous Songs, Discussions were a every day story. During this period, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg candidly declared that Facebook will open an interface for Anonymous, but his candid declaration didn't materialized nor did it concerned Anonymous Community by any means.

During this time period, Shad announced he would be launching an alternative social network to Facebook, and this is how MyHoTFB.COM started.

Registering MyHoTFB.COM was easy but creating and deploying a modest Social Networking Platform was a whole another issue. Shad realized he would be requiring a good amount of resources and finances. It soon became obvious to him that MyHoTFB.COM may never take off. The tasks of creating a social network site are immense if not impossible.

Take a Look at Timeline In Creating and Deploying MyHoTFB.COM

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