Beginning, Mission Impossible, and the Reality

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Followed by an Announcement of Creating and Deploying an Alternative Social Networking Platform, the beginning was marked on 5th of March 2012 by registering a fully qualified domain name called 'MyHoTFB.COM' from InterNIC at 9:50 pm local time. 

Registering MyHoTFB.COM was easy but creating and deploying a modest Social Networking Platform was a whole another issue.

A bold declaration has been made alongside purchasing a TLD, but what is next? How does one with no dedicated hardware resources and social network platform experience start buikding a social network platform. 

One thing became clear that it is a platform, and not a website development tasks where you basically select some templates and then customize the templates according to user requirments. It sound like webpage buiding like a Home Page, Abous Us, Products and Services and Contact us Page. I have had done such works in early 1997, age of Dynasores.  

Shad realized he would be requiring a good amount of resources and finances. It soon became obvious to him that MyHoTFB.COM may never take off. The tasks of creating a social network site are immense if not impossible.

Mission Impossible



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