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      Registration Invitation

      MyHoTFB.COM invites users to register or sign up with MyHoTFB.COM Social Network in-between the Event Dates.

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        My HoT Facebook Abbreviated as MyHoTFB ©, the pronunciation My HoT Facebook goes as [embed title="TTS - MyHoTFB" url="" summary="TTS (Text To Speech) - MyHoTFB - Pronounciation" guid="2934"] -&nb...

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          Credits and Acknowledgement:   INTRODUCTION: MyHoTFB.COM ® is a Mobile Friendly HoT Social Network, and Stylish Online Communities ™ (SM: Service Mark). MyHoTFB.COM ® is a registered TLD, abridged as "TFB" © reserved for App Development an...

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            TFB (MyHoTFB.COM ®) MyHoTFB.COM ® is a registered TLD, abridged as "TFB" © reserved for App Development and Deployment to App Stores for Windows 10, iOS & Android Mobiles and Tablet.

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              BACKGROUND The Story Behind MyHoTFB.COM MyHoTFB.COM ® was created out of feud with Social Networking Giant Facebook, Inc. ( and Around February of 2012, and months followed, Facebook repeatedly flagged Shad Mujib's registered and verified account with Facebook ...

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