image MyHoTFB.COM ® is a Mobile Friendly HoT Social Network and Stylish Online Communities. It is an open source Social Network Framework Operating System that runs from the Cloud to Desktops, Macs, Mobiles and Tabs, and PC powered by Linux, and Windows as well. At MyHoTFB.COM ® ,  has been built on core principals of "Privacy First, Freedom Second, Security 3rd, Friends fourth", and lastly User Friendly Graphical User Interface as the Fifth founding principals on which MyHoTFB.COM ® Framework has been structured and deployed.

MyHoTFB.COM ® is Simplified and yet Scaled, and Functional; built and deployed for citizens of the Internet. In reality, MyHoTFB.COM ® is your own Social Network, and you are in the Chair.

It has been launched with the mission to keep the Social Network and Online Communities Free, Open and User Oriented. Users on MyHoTFB.COM Social Network can connect with unlimited users, make friends and bridge cross-country and geo diversified culture.

Our  presence and fundamental vision is to connect one users at a time, and ensure community resources, and knowledge are accessible to all for open collaboration and self educating. The platform is a Global Virtual Village that accommodates users, businesses beyond the local geo boundary while always keeping the interest of Users First.

MyHoTFB.COM ® is a completely free social network, and it always will remain free. As a matter of BUSINESS POLICY, we do not seek user credit card information via emails, or calls nor do we require Cards across our network and communities and most importantly we never solicit via phone calls to our users on any payment matters on any Prime Services. As a matter of fact, we do not have such business model, where some areas of services are free and while some are financial scheme oriented. It's simple as that and can't get better than that.

To operate we rely on user or third party donations without any conditions or what so ever. Additionally we seek advertisement fund to remain operational, and continue to offer free reliable service to our valued users.

To learn more about MyHoTFB.COM ® visit WiKi Page : MyHoTFB


MyHoTFB.COM ® (My HoT Facebook) is not related to Facebook, Inc. (facebook.com or fb.com).

Further to About US, please refer our latest Policy Updates by visiting Policy Updates Page.
Last Updated on  08-25-2018 5:00 PM Local Time.